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Effective July 1, 2022 T'Sala Salon Spa Inc. will no longer be charging a $5 Covid-19 Fee 

unless new mandates are put into effect thereafter.

T’Sala Salon Spa Inc. Restart Plan

**Updated July 1st, 2021**

Our goal is to ensure that our employees and our guests feel confident that we’ve implemented ALL necessary precautions and recommended measures for health & safety within our business.

We have worked very hard to comply with the industry guidelines & protocol set by WorkSafeBC, BC Centre of Disease Control, Fraser Health, BC Ministry of Health, & the Vancouver Coastal Health Authority as a part of the reopening and restart process for beauty salons & barbers.

As we enter Step 3 of BC's Restart Plan on July 1st, 2021 we are now transitioning from our COVID-19 Safety Plan to Communicable Disease Prevention.

Within our excitement for things to return to normal, the safety of our employees and our guests remain our top priority. Therefore, we have revised our policies and are continuing/implementing the following measures at T’Sala Salon Spa. We expect the need to adjust or add additionally as we continue the re-start process and the gradual easing of restrictions.


All employees, guests or visitors to T’Sala Salon Spa Inc. will be pre-screened at the entrance with 2 questions.

Enhanced Infection Control

We continue to enforce and further enhance our cleaning, sanitizing and disinfection practices of ALL non-porous surfaces, implements & tools between every guest using an EPA-registered disinfectant such as BARBICIDE® and PREempt™ and mandated certification of ALL employees in Infection Control.

PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)

As we are an indoor public space, protective masks are strongly "recommended" for all guests/visitors aged 12+, until fully immunized (having received their second shot and had 14 days for it to build antibody protection). For added protection your service provider may ask you to kindly consider still wearing a mask until they are fully immunized during this transition period. 

Physical Distancing

We ask that employees and guests avoid touching, hugging, hand-shaking etc. but rather wave to interact and limit conversation to avoid the spread of germs.


We have signage indicating physical distancing including visible floor markers displayed throughout all areas to highlight where to maintain and ensure a physical distance of 2 meters / 6 feet. We also have various signage communicating all recommended health & safety procedures prominently displayed.


In the event that one of our employees or guests begin to show symptoms or if they begin to feel unwell, they will be asked to vacate the salon and reschedule their appointment.

Clean Linens

Guest capes, gowns, towels and linens will be effectively laundered at high heat with detergent and every guest will be provided with a fresh, clean linen that has been stored appropriately.

Service by Appointment Only

No “walk-in appointments” will be permitted at this time to limit any unnecessary exposure to our employees and scheduled guests. 

Non-essential Items

Any non-essential items that could potentially transfer germs have been removed from the salon such as magazines, books, business cards, brochures and shelf talkers. Guests are advised to also limit personal items to keys, phones and wallets only.

No Talking Zones

To avoid additional risks of exposure, our sink area is a “no talking zone” and respectfully ask that all unnecessary conversations throughout the salon be limited to essential discussions only.

Suspended Beverage Service

The practice of offering tea, coffee, water, or other food and beverage items to guests has been temporarily suspended. You will be permitted to bring in your own enclosed beverages.

Extended Business Hours

We have modified & extended our business hours to meet the increase in demand and we will continue to offer curb-side pickup for all retail purchases.


We will ensure the sanitation of payment machines between every transaction and encourage contactless payment when possible.

Guest Arrival/Departure Procedure:

Salon Doors

The salon doors may be locked to prevent unauthorized access.


When you arrive at the salon entrance please give us a wave or call (604) 770-4777 to notify us that you are here. We will either unlock the door or ask you to wait outside until your Hair Artist or Spa Service Provider has finished their previous guest and has had sufficient time to clean, sanitize and disinfect their service station before welcoming you into the salon.

Appointment Time

We ask that guests arrive at the "exact" time of their appointment. If you arrive early, or if your Hair Artist or Spa Team Member is not available for you yet, you will need to remain outside the salon until you are welcomed in by a team member. In addition, our waiting area now has reduced seating resulting in limited availability.

Appointment Time Adjustments

In the event we anticipate a change to your appointment time, we will notify you in advance.

Use of PPE

Masks are strongly "recommended" for all guests/visitors aged 12+, until fully immunized (having received their second shot and had 14 days for it to build antibody protection). For added protection your service provider may ask you to kindly consider still wearing a mask until they are fully immunized. If you do not have a mask, one will be provided.

Salon Entry

Before you are permitted to enter the salon you will be asked 2 pre-screening questions:

1.) Have you experienced COVID-19-like symptoms within the last 14 days? (Fever, New Cough, Difficulty Breathing?)

2.) Have you or someone you have been in contact with had COVID-19-like symptoms?

Do NOT enter T’Sala Salon Spa if you answer YES to any of the 2 pre-screening questions. 

We reserve the right to refuse service.

Hand Washing/ Sanitizing

Guests will be asked to wash their hands or use hand sanitizer. We have a station at the salon entrance that includes hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes for immediate use.

Service Station

Once you have washed, sanitized and disinfected your hands, you will be escorted to a designated service station. We ask that you do not leave this area unless required or asked to do so.

Personal Items

We ask that you leave your personal belongings such as handbags, jackets, and umbrellas (if possible) at home or in your vehicles as these can be vectors for carrying bacteria and viruses. Only bring in essentials items such as keys, phone and payment during your service. All personal items can only be handled by you.


Please arrive alone if possible (i.e., no children, friends or family accompaniment allowed). Special consideration for disabled individuals and those persons who require accompaniment (e.g. a parent or guardian) will be given as long as appropriate arrangements have been made prior to your appointment.

Covid Fee (ending July 1, 2022)

A $5 COVID FEE will be added to ALL appointments to address the increase in additional costs at this time such as providing PPE to each guest and their service provider and to allow for the extra time required to clean, sanitize and disinfect thoroughly between appointments.


We encourage guests to tap their payment cards rather than handle the card reader whenever possible over pin pad use. In the event your payment exceeds your tap-able limit we also accept e-transfer to:

Cash is now accepted. Please note that exact cash is preferred as we have limited change to offer.

Change/Cancellation Policy

Appointments that are cancelled less than 24 hours before and/or appointments that are “no showed” will be subject to a minimum cancellation fee equal to 30% of the scheduled service confirmed.

Please Note:

Anyone with COVID-19-like symptoms or communicable disease symptoms such as a sore throat, fever, sneezing, or coughing will NOT be permitted in the salon environment until their symptoms are completely resolved. If you or someone you have been in contact with are displaying symptoms we kindly ask that you immediately cancel your appointment without penalty.



(604) 770-4777

106 2nd St E 

North Vancouver, BC 

V7L 1C3

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